1. A Serious Otter Pup hasn’t really had time to air his thoughts lately because of his new job, but maybe other serious otter pups would like to have an outlet for their serious ponderings? If that is something You would like, You can do it right here. A serious otter pup promises to publish anything that makes him chuckle and/or ruminate on the meaning of this hollow screaming in the abyss named existence that we call laughter.

    Oh, and you can also ask a serious otter pup anything.

  2. Generally speaking otter pups aren’t known for their sense of humour, but who could resist the hilarious witticisms of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel?

  3. Other serious otter pups started to be worried about a serious otter pup, after she had read David Foster Wallace’s This is Water and spent the last two days staring at the lake, not floating in it, and thinking to herself if she truly appreciated the meaning and ramifications of floating in the water.

  4. Serious otter pups’ conversation on trickle-down economics started to go from heated to “I will bite you on the nose, you fool”, so a grown-up otter saw it best to intervene. 

  5. Serious otter pups know that otters don’t hibernate, but that doesn’t stop them from trying, since the wait between the individual episodes of Breaking Bad is way too painful for their youthful hearts to handle.

  6. The podcast “Tragedy Sigh. Sigh.” is one of the most popular in the serious otter pup world. It has famous otter tragedians improvising different plays or “sketches” on topics such as the meaninglessness of life or the futility of otter endeavor. It’s a great listen while floating in the river and contemplating existence.

  7. Serious otter pups’ first try in achieving graceful beauty in synchronized swimming wasn’t an unequivocal success.

  8. "I can not believe you would lower yourself to give… ugh… a “high five” to this intellectual cretin.”

    "I think I deserve the benefit of the doubt in this case. I have a feeling he’ll give me a belly rub if I agree to this.”

  9. Attica! Attica!

  10. An exhausted serious otter pup felt the need to write a 3,000-word blog post on Strong Female Characters in Japanese Animation, to justify for himself the five hours he spend watching Sailor Moon last night.